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The Pease Strategic Edge is a short bi-monthly communiqué aimed at executives, leaders and entrepreneurs. The intent of this bi-monthly ping is to offer you usable observations, commentary, methods and research directly related to organizational and individual development and growth. From my work with functional to high performing individuals and organizations in the areas of executive coaching, leadership development and talent management we shall be able to take a unique look at what is going on with people and cultures today.

It is no doubt that you have more than enough information coming at you on an hourly basis. It is because of this reality that the Pease Strategic Edge will be short, distinctive and will show up every other month. Pease Strategic Partners respects your time and also your appetite for relevant information.

This is really about you. Blending the personal and the professional is exactly how you operate in your world and it is how these communications will attempt to converse with you. Sometimes more formal, other times informal. Your career, your life, your team and organization’s success are chief in our focus here. Expect some mainstream, and some “off-road” items for your consideration, and (occasionally) recreation.

In the early part of last year, during some of my reading time, it hit me just how much I value truth and freedom. Those two values guide the type of service I provide to both corporate clients and individuals. To liberate and elevate is why I work for others and self.

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